Why ITR?


We are your one-stop shop for all IT services and products.

When it comes to protecting your critical computer and network systems along with your data, don’t trust your nephew or your neighbor’s son. We have been taking care of businesses for since 1999. We are the professionals.


Our mission is to help small businesses manage, protect and leverage their IT investments so they can focus on what’s important to them: their business!


When you outsource your IT department to ITR, you don’t lose control. You gain peace of mind that problems are being solved quickly and efficiently, that potential problems are being addressed before they become problems, and that we are looking forward to help your business smoothly sail through future purchases, upgrades, and migrations. Here’s how you’ll benefit from ITR’s expertise:


  • We promise a quick response time to your calls, to keep you involved and informed as to what is going on, and  get you back up and working as quickly as possible.
  • We can save you money on products and services through our buying power and affiliations.
  • Use our experience to help you solve problems in your business.

What makes us different is that we are here for you.  We are a small business, also. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. We care about your business and want to see it grow and succeed.


We take the time to talk to you and your employees. We try to understand your business needs and problems. Many times we can make suggestions that can make your business much more productive with little or no cost.


Just let us know what we can do to help. We’re here for you!