Welcome to ITR

IT Support personalized to your business needs!


We provide a different kind of  Information Technology support. Most of our competition focuses on the technology as the end result. We look at technology as a tool for business. We are small business owners also, and we bring that perspective to all our work.


Enhance productivity – less downtime translates into more work time

Focus more energy on your business – let us take care of your IT needs

Capitalize on opportunities – strategically implement new technology  as your  business grows

Safeguard your business – we can protect your network from internal and external threats

Experience peace of mind – Let us worry about your technology problems!


Integrated Technology Resources can provide the Computer and Network Support that will allow you to run your business more efficiently and achieve a higher level of success. With ITR as your partner you can rest easy that technology solutions are working for you and showing a real Return on Investment.


Our technology solutions broaden IT capabilities for businesses and give them the power to succeed in the Capital Region of New York, Saratoga Springs,  and the Northway corridor.

Our customers range from 1 computer to 25 or more computers. If you think you are too small for us or we may be too expensive for you, your are exactly the right customer for us. Let us come out and talk to you about how to keep costs low and productivity high!